• The Local Organisation Committee of Dioxin2020 together with the members of its Scientific Committee wish to express their gratitude to the French public partners and the international private sponsors for their strong support during the scientific event post-cancellation management phase. 
    These companies, specialists in persistent organic pollutants both in providing high quality reference standards, specific consumables necessary for their quantification and their High performance measurement by mass spectrometry, did not hesitate for a moment to grant part or all of the amount planned for their sponsoring budget to the Organisation Committee in order to limit the losses incurred by the cancellation of the symposium.

    We thank them once again for their precious and salutary support and we strongly encourage you to register and participate in their webinars. 
    Warmest greetings
  • Supporting Sponsors

    Updated information on 3rd August 2020
  • Institutional Supports

    Updated information on 30th July 2020    
  •  Scheduled Webinars  
    Waters Online Dioxin Symposium​ : September 22 Thermo Fisher Online Dioxin Symposium​ : 
    September 1-3
    Shimadzu Online Dioxin Symposium​ : 
    Septembre 29
    JEOL Online Symposium:September30
    Are you looking for new ways to advance your Dioxin work and connect with experienced analysts?
    Virtual DFS User-Meeting : connect with the Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS Community
    Experience the Shimadzu Solution for Dioxin testing testing 

    Interested in Dioxins and PCBs analysis: Join our New GC-QqQ technology and specialized Analysis Software
    10.00 EDT / 16.00 CEST (90 mins.)
    SESSION 1 | Moving away from magnetic sectors for legacy POP’s analyses

    11.30 EDT / 17.30 CEST (90 mins.)
    SESSION 2 | Advances in instrumentation for emerging POP’s analyses

    1st September, 11:00 AM EDT : 
    DFS Virtual User Meeting - See, check, explore with us the latest software features for the Thermo Scientific DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS: DFS Software Package on Windows 10      

    2nd September 11:00 AM EDT : 
    Running a Commercial ISO 17025 POPs lab during a Pandemic 

    3rd September 11:00 AM EDT : 
    Estimation of LOD and LOQ for measurements in the field of contaminants with special focus on PCDD/Fs and PCBs 

    29th September, 14:00 : 

    Shimadzu cordially invites you to experience new insights into the analytical toolbox for dioxin testing. What are the latest news in  the Shimadzu solutions for dioxin analysis? 
    Here we are going to present the latest developments on the Shimadzu GCMS TQ-8050NX, MIURA GO-EHT sample preparation, and real life applications.
    Wednesday 30th September 09.30 EDT / 15:30 CEST (60 min) 

    1st- PCDD/Fs and DL-PCBs analysis using New GC-MS/MS system with special analysis software "TQ-DioK" by I. Senoussaoui
     2nd- Confirmatory measurement of PCDD/Fs and (N)DL-PCBs in food/feed using a short collision cell GC-MS/MS system J.F. Focant

    NB: Please contact sponsor@dioxin2020.org if you wish to present your webinar 

    Updated information on 30th July 2020


  • The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on events worldwide and also will impact our annual symposium. Since protection of health has the highest priority and governments have taken measures to confine people, close borders and other precautionary measures for unforeseeable periods, the Local Organizing Committee of Dioxin2020 together with the IAB (International Advisory Board) are forced to cancel DIOXIN 2020, scheduled from 30 August to 4 September 2020 in Nantes, France.
    It is with sincere regrets and great disappointment that we have made this decision, but the national and international circumstances do not allow for any other conclusion than cancellation. We do not know when conferences with large numbers of participants can be held again nor when borders and hotels will open again. Since the Dioxin Symposium is an annual conference and the hosts and locations for Dioxin2021, Dioxin2022, and Dioxin2023 are already confirmed and planning their meetings, postponing Dioxin2020 for one year is not an option.

    The Local Organizing Committee and the IAB are deeply saddened to have to cancel the Symposium because Dioxin2020 was progressing well. We are very grateful to you for considering submitting a paper and participating in the Dioxin2020 Symposium. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in your plans and appreciate your understanding because of such extraordinary circumstances.

    We all hope to see you again at Dioxin2021!

    Prof. Bruno Le Bizec, Chair of Dioxin2020
    Dr. Heidelore Fiedler, Chair of the International Advisory Board
    Dr. Michael S. Denison, Chair of the International Advisory Board
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